I am a philosophy PhD student at the Central European University in Vienna. I am interested in the philosophy of language, mind, and metaphysics.

In my thesis I argue that names are words. (Yes, in my corner of philosophy you need to argue for that.) I also argue that names are a special kind of word, much like common nouns, but also a bit different. Like a common noun, a name can be used to talk about different individuals. There are many nikhils just there are many cats. But then, unlike common nouns, the exact pronunciation (or spelling) of a name is an important aspect of their meaning (although I don’t mind being referred to as ‘Nihil’, that’s not my name.)

Apart from names, I like to think about definite descriptions, propositions, and what (kind of things) words are. At some future point, I would like to think and write about the notion of leisure. And I love food. And owls. And cats.