My name is Nikhil Mahant. The girl in the picture is Neelam, my wife. Over the years, we have found ourselves deeply interested and invested in some issues – the phenomenal role of language in human affairs, how intimate relationships affect an individual, the relevance of an examined life. We like to think about them. We like to discuss them.

Many of these issues find home within the academic discipline of philosophy, and both of us have been associated with academic philosophy since quite some time now. I am currently pursuing PhD in philosophy at Central European University, Budapest. In my research I examine the conceptual underpinnings of our use of language to talk about the world or store information.

 This is my personal webpage. I write and post conversations on philosophical issues every now and then, which is the main reason I created this website. You can access them through the ‘Conversations…’ link above. I also write short passages on random philosophical topics, which I post on the ‘Thoughts’ page. Some details about my career are available on the ‘About Me’ and ‘Teaching’ pages.