Before coming to CEU, I taught at the Department of Philosophy at St. Stephens College, Delhi for a couple of years. This experience brought me clarity on the topic of my research: I realized the extent of my ignorance while preparing for classes. But more importantly, it provided me an opportunity to seriously engage with important issues concerning teaching in higher education: What role does a philosophy teacher play in class? How can I maximize the learning opportunities for my students? How should I design and evaluate assignments?

I have now started to think in a more structured manner about higher-education teaching pedagogy and have engaged in self-reflection about my own approach to teaching, how to design curriculum, assignments, class sessions, and assessment rubrics that are aligned with my teaching objectives, my approach to handling diversity in class (both cultural diversity as well as diversity in pace of learning), how to conduct group discussions such that they further the learning objectives, how to use technological aids like podcasting and online discussion forums to extend learning beyond the classroom. Some such reflections can be found on my teaching portfolio here.

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